Monday, 19 May 2014

Men’s Rights Activists advise men how to have consequence-free sex with drunk women (via Raw Story )

In a case that has become a cause célèbre among Men’s Rights Activists (MRA), a vote on a candidate for president of a community college was postponed after the college learned he had failed to inform it that he was on administrative leave for allegedly…

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  1. The author of this article (Scott Kaufman) has written a piece of shlock, tabloid journalism - and that's about all I can say. The worst of it is that he will not admit to being a feminist, although it seems clear that he is. Why is he hiding his feminism? Why would he want to smear non-feminist people as rape apologists, if his politics is not heavily aligned on the feminist side?

    As a journalist, Scot Kaufman is beneath contempt when he does a hatchet job on so many people based on a handful of comments on an obscure website.