Thursday, 1 March 2012

More of Women Getting Away With Serious Life Threateninng Crimes.

Here is another doozy of misandric justice that makes me wanna bash my head against the wall to see if it makes any more sense after a self induced concussion.

On November 29 of last year,  Lisa Alyounes, 26, of the 300 block of Summit Avenue pushed her then boyfriend off the platform where they were waiting as the train approached. Luckily the gentleman was not hurt and managed to get back on the platform and got on the train with her.
This was not her playing around this was her attempting to cause him at the very least serious bodily harm if not death.
There's more, after the couple entered the train and were seated she then proceeded to assault him continually for about 5 minutes, punching and kicking him. This was all caught on tape that went viral back in early December of last year.
The train was delayed while the police were called and all the time this criminal continued her violent actions.
When the police arrive both the criminal (Lisa Alyounes) and her "boyfriend" are taken off the train and she is placed in handcuffs. It doesn't stop there, she then assaults one of the arresting officers. According to the commentary on the video she tried to knee the officer in the groin area.
Now the average person with some measure of common sense and a desire to see justice done would want this criminal put behind bars for a substantial amount of time.
Not the Camden County justice system.
According to Lisa will only face up to four months in jail for these crimes.
Let me say that again four months in jail for pushing her "boyfriend" ( I hope to hell he has moved on from this dangerous woman ) off a platform into an oncoming train and then assaulting him on the train, then resisting arrest and as well, according to eye witnesses, attempting to knee and officer in the groin.
She plead guilty to the crimes of resisting arrest and aggravated assault by attempting to cause significant bodily injury.
No charge of attempted murder for really if you push someone in front of a train you aint trying to give them a "boo boo" you are trying to kill them.

Watch the video

Just another example of the pussy pass being handed out for women in the injustice system.
Isn't it about time women were treated as adults and held accountable for their actions?


  1. Why was this C#%T not immediately sent to jail for the next 5 years?

  2. because she has a va-jay-jay and da pooor widdle womyn must of bween oopwessed.

    Enough of this fuckery ,, our constitutions say we are guaranteed equality in regards to the law, its about time women realized that means jail time for the same crimes

    1. Trouble is that the women don't need to realize this fact. THE FUCKIN' LAW ENFORCERS NEED TO OBEY THIS LAW! It's still those assholes who take the man away in cuffs, and let the women go home. No matter who actually is at fault.