Sunday, 18 March 2012

Some Recent MRA Work

Watch and Spread

The last Statistics Canada General Social Survey report states that 6% of men and 6.4% of women are victims of domestic violence. This is contrary to the common feminist claim that domestic violence is a problem women suffer from, and men inflict.
In the video you will notice that my local constabulary make the claim that 95% of the abusers are men.

This is an outright lie. 

I can speak from personal experience that my former fiance, who assaulted me and called the cops on herself was taken to an abused woman's shelter. Thereby creating a false statistics for the Hamilton police services report on domestic violence linked in the low bar of the video. There was a verbal argument which she turned into a physical altercation. I did not initiate, retaliate or threaten her. And yet Hamilton police decided that the best solution was to take her to an abused woman's shelter.
This is contrary to the zero tolerance policy in Canada concerning domestic violence.
You will notice at the end of the video that I sent it off in an email to the attorney general himself and as well the confirmation of receiving said email.
I am waiting for their reply email indicating their plan on how to provide services for men.

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