Friday, 10 February 2012

MRA Thunder in the Hammer (Hamilton Ont.)

A Little MRA Thunder in the Hammer
(Hamilton Ont. Canada)

This last week I made up my mind to make another flier run here in the Hammer. These runs are important to me and the men's rights movement. They need to be, for all of us. Without a large choir of voices all demanding men are to be treated equitably by our respective governments, men's lot in life will continue to decline. It has already reached deplorable levels.

There are many reasons why we all need to get vocal about this, however to each their own comfort level. There are ramifications to being passionate and vocal about our cause. They run the gamut of being insulted and sneered at on the street to being hauled in for questioning by the local constabulary. We know it happens, articles and comments on AVfM proves this with anecdotal evidence. Personally well lets just say I have been a pain in the local in-justice system ass for about three years over this.

There are more than a few justice system employees around here that know me on a first name basis, not because I have been in trouble with the law many times but, because I was not willing to automatically grab my ankles when I faced the in-justice system Goliath. The more they trampled on my rights, the more I got in their face.

So lets get into my most recent actions of getting into their faces shall we.

First though I need to let you all in on a couple of things about me. I need to let you know I have been diagnosed as having Post Traumatic Stress Disorder due to my fight against the in-justice system. Second I would use my real name but I have a nephew whom I wish to protect. I don't care to protect his father, he is an adult and is still in the blue pill world. If I use my real name his father's business could suffer and that would impact my nephews life. The police services around here employ some very nefarious individuals, and they are not above making threats both on physical well being and on a person's life. I have experienced it.

On Friday, I had an appointment with my shrink, I decided this would be a great time to do a flier run. I would be in the Hammer downtown core and so I would be killing two birds with one stone so to speak. I don't live in the Hammer but in a small suburb just west of it. I am about six miles away from the downtown core. My plan had been to arrive in the core early put up a few fliers and then go to my appointment, then go back and check on the fliers to see if they had been removed or not. If I caught a person in the act I was going to take a pic of them, and expose them for their anti-male mentality and actions.

I left my apartment intending to catch the bus that would put me in the Hammer for around 12:30 pm.
When I was about a 100 yards from the bus stop, the bus went rolling on by. The location of the bus stop is across the street from the local Beer Store. Bummer I thought to myself. I had a few options as to what I could do, I could wait for the next one, could walk to another one with more frequent service located about a mile away, or I could walk to McMaster University area where the buses run about every ten minutes.

A thought popped into my head, why not put a couple of fliers up on the light poles around the Beer Store and walk to the university area. I would be doing a reversal of the route I took back in my January flier run. Wasn't a bad day out, I had two and a half hours to waste before my appointment.
I chose option three.

The plan I had formulated in my head was to put these fliers up high. I had noticed that the previous ones I had put up had been taken down and so I was going to make them work for their efforts to thwart the men's rights movement public service advertising.  I know this misandric culture is killing men. I am sure a few of you read my comment about knowing the widow of one of the victims. I don't care and if it lands me in jail over this or some false charge so be it.

AVfM is doing what our respective governments aren't doing. That is broadcasting loud and clear that men matter and right now we are second class citizens to our governments. If I end up in jail I don't care, they know I am going to do my best to fight from the inside as well. 
My choice of fighting if I end up in jail is already made. I have sent Paul and email outlining what it would be. I am not going to say what it would be just that it would be a pacifist's form of protest.

My defence for this hypothetical situation is necessity, a common law defence in Canada. The government is failing men miserably with tragic results.

When I arrived at what I deem to be a high priority area (the cross walk used by a majority of the students who live west of the university) I proceeded to put up my third flier of the day. I didn't care who saw me. An older man started to speak at me insinuating that what I was doing is littering. 
I replied “No I am providing a public service announcement because after fifty years of hearing about women's rights isn't it about time we started thinking about how society treats men”
I could tell this old fool was a little angry at me but I don't give a rats furry hindquarters. I wasn't belligerent or rude unlike him but finished what I was doing and proceeded across the cross-walk the old fool still harassing me saying he was going to come back to tear the flier down. I told him go right ahead and I will put one back up in the near future. 

This pissed me off so I reminded the old fool of our Chartered Rights, specifically section two, freedom of speech, freedom of expression. I was expressing my disgust at how our misandric government treats men and boys these days. And directing people to AVfM to awaken them, to anger them enough to speak out for men.

It is time we FTSU and I am doing it in my corner of the world. The old fool left on his bicycle flipping me the bird. Like I care an insult from this guy means about as much as an insult from an ugly sister. (femtwit) It is an insult from a person who doesn't believe in equality who is willfully asleep at the bigotry rampant in the feminist narrative.

My next three fliers went up right in front of McMaster medical center. Two at bus stop areas and one at a vehicle entrance / exit of the hospital. Public property areas not on the hospital’s land. I put up fliers there last time around and since they were torn down I thought to myself “I am pissing the femtwits off.” A good reason to put them back up.

I use glue to put them up so it takes me all of a minute to put one up and I am going to guess that it takes the people removing them a lot longer. As the saying goes time is money. So I am taking away from the femtwits and adding to the men's rights movement. 
A win win situation in my books.

I asked a passer by what the time was. I had about an hour and forty-five minutes to go until my appointment. Beautiful I thought to myself. I walked to another high traffic area located around three blocks away from the hospital. Up went another flier picture taken and off I went into an area known as Westdale. 
Westdale is full of student housing and over priced shops, mixed in with a few restaurants and a couple of private art galleries.

I had hit this area before. None of the posters were still up, the femmies had been busy, oh well their efforts to remove the fliers is greater than my effort putting them up. This time though I was putting them up as high as I could reach. They were going to have to work harder to remove them now.

I don’t put the fliers up on every light pole, I don't feel that is right, I pick and choose the ones I do post on. There are other fliers on the poles and one in particular has been vomited on every one.

Upon arriving in the center of Westdale I put AVfM fliers up on every post-it sign board,like I did a few weeks ago. Where I could, I reached for the stars in posting them. I also took pictures of the remnants of the ones I put up about four weeks ago. Just a little documentation to show the animosity towards men's rights.

On my merry FTSU way I went, barely remembering the old fool from about an hour before. I had to cross a bridge over the Queen Elizabeth Way, one of the busiest highways in southern Ontario and at about the middle point I put up another. I put it up even higher than every other one I had posted. I got up on the railing and slapped that baby up. I jumped back down and made sure a person could read what was on it and snapped another picture. I chuckled to myself, the femies will really have to work at pulling that one down.

I installed a few other posters as I made my way to the appointment. On the corner of Dundurn and King street was my next area of interest. It has a GO bus stop (a long distance bus company) there, a Tim Hortons, a few fast food restaurants and as well a mid sized shopping mall. Lots of foot traffic to be had. The ones I had posted there before were gone and the replacements went back up again, as high as I could reach. Nobody said anything to me and I didn't care.

I was closing in on St. Joseph's hospital where my shrink is located, and time was running short. I stopped a gentleman and asked about the time, his reply indicated I didn't have much left. I also asked him if I could purchase a single smoke off of him. I needed to hit a store but the one I wanted to was right in the down town core. They have the cheapest cigars there, and given my budget I always make it a point of going there and stocking up. 
I had no problem offering him a quarter for a smoke but he declined saying I could just have one. I had a quick thought and asked him do you believe in men's rights to which he gave an affirmative. I handed him a flier and told him to look at AVfM site. I didn't have time to go into men's issues and marched double time to my appointment.
I arrived at my appointment with glue all over my hands, again I didn't care. The doctor seeing me wouldn't either. I am lucky to be able to see him. He knows men matter. Given his profession he must be acutely aware of how badly misandry is affecting men these days.

When my appointment was completed, I headed straight downtown. 

My path lead me right by the Sopinka Courthouse of injustice. [1] Some of the people working in there do The Honourable Mr. Justice John Sopinka [2] a heinous insult in the way they practice their brand of justice. I say this because one of the most important rulings handed down by The Honourable Mr. Justice John Sopinka is known as the Stinchcombe Ruling an incredibly vital ruling for equitable justice. 

I am going to reproduce a couple of excerpts from the trial document.[3]

The judgement of the Court was delivered by
Sopinka J. -- This appeal raises the issue of the Crown's obligation to make disclosure to the defence.  A witness who gave evidence at the preliminary inquiry favourable to the accused was subsequently interviewed by agents for the Crown.  Crown counsel decided not to call the witness and would not produce the statements obtained at the interview.  The trial judge refused an application by the defence for disclosure on the ground that there was no obligation on the Crown to disclose the statements.  The Court of Appeal affirmed the judgment at trial and the case is here with leave of this Court.”

I would add that the fruits of the investigation which are in the possession of counsel for the Crown are not the property of the Crown for use in securing a conviction but the property of the public to be used to ensure that justice is done.  In contrast, the defence has no obligation to assist the prosecution and is entitled to assume a purely adversarial role toward the prosecution.  The absence of a duty to disclose can, therefore, be justified as being consistent with this role. “

I have nothing but respect for The Honourable Mr. Justice John Sopinka, he knew what justice is, some of the current employees working at the courthouse named after him not so much.
I put two fliers up there across the street from the courthouse. I am damn proud of those two postings. A little FTSU in their face.
I then proceeded into the downtown core and finished putting up the rest of the fliers I had. 
At my third last area A gentleman took interest, I engaged in conversation with him. It was Friday late afternoon and the gentleman was enjoying a few drinks at the bar close to the post-it structure. He started in on his story and I stopped him and asked him if I could record his story, he agreed. I told him don't identify yourself and I am not going to edit it.[4]. 
I will say one more thing about my conversation with this gentleman. I told him about my experiences in regards to abuse at the hands of two different women, his reply was to point to an inch and a half long scar on his upper lip adding "she threw an astray at me."
I let him know that there are people out here fighting for men to be treated fairly by society, and urged him to join AVfM and add his voice to ours.
Remember folks every ounce of effort counts. So lets all add what we can to putting an end to this misandric shit !

Pictures here:


Dannyboy is a man in the Hamilton area. I've been in the trenches fighting for men's rights for about three years now. I refuse to stop until misandry is tossed in the trash like all other forms of discrimination.


  1. Dannyboy you are awesome as the young-uns say.

    Can you get this posted on AVfM as a featured article in an edited form ?

    I just loved it. No poncy words, no flowery poetry - just the facts mate.

    It gives me a terrific sense of 'something good in the world out there' when I read this. For that matter, thank you for that.

    More importantly, thank you for this site and you doing as you do.

    Hat off your way brother.

  2. Thanks Dr. F,
    Not sure if the ed staff has enough time to fix the grammatical mistakes on this.

    1. WOW, quite a number of words put together to shine a spotlight on…well, not really sure what. As a MAN, operating from a feminist perspective, I am confused as to why you aren't aware of the power imbalances that exist in our society (Hamilton). Marginalized groups have less power then their counterparts (Men over women, white over all other skin colours, etc). This is why our city has places like HCCI and women like Evelyn. As a white man, I understand the privileged role I have in supporting the less powerful groups. My advice to you is to be a "man". Step up to the plate and instead of working against us, work for the purpose of creating a city where everyone matters. If you can't do it for women like Evelyn, do it for the own women in your life. Instead of spreading your hate around, do some research for the good (start with some reports from SPRC) and find out for yourself what power imbalances look like. They are alive and well brother!

    2. So the feminists have sent in their white knight to sacrifice himself, as men have done throughout history for women. Kind of puts a large gaping hole in that oppressed class theory doesn't it? Being able to send someone in to sacrifice themselves is a position of power.

      Do I really need to enlighten you on what this post was about?
      This post was the beginning of the end of feminist lies and illogical theories in the Hamilton area. Wel that was then now I'm nation wide as the news director for Canada at A Voice for Men.

      But your feminist lens blinds you to that I guess.
      Some history, I had D.V. crime committed against me, the police told me to "suck it up we don't intend to enforce the law." So as a male the power imbalance was against me. I was the victim and the police who are btw instructed by the govt funded feminist Ontario ministry of the women's directorate on a provincial level and Status of Women Canada on the federal. They also instruct the crown, and judiciary.

      Here is HPS putting out inflated and fraudulent statistics;

      Then there is the fact men make up 76% of the suicide population and while the govt knows this fact we have 11 papers for women's mental health on the Canadian Mental Health Associations website and only 1 dedicated to men.
      Gee looks like an imbalance there too, in favour of women I might add, just like in D.V. situations.

      False allegations never happen, well except you may wish to read about Judith Grossman's son. Judith a card carrying feminist much like yourself found her son falsely accused of sexual assault. She is wondering what all is going on with her feminist beliefs too.
      And that kind of goes to power as well, you know women being able to have anyone arrested just on verbal evidence alone, no other corroborating evidence needed.
      Damn that almost seems like another power imbalance we are well aware of in history, you know how African Americans were up until recently tossed in jail on just the word of another enumerated group of society.
      And yet you claim women are oppressed. Damn seems like having someone arrested and convicted on oral testimony alone seem like a privileged position.

      I really don't need to go through the rest of your de-railing arguments.
      I believe Evelyn is aware of me. I have a file on her and the feminist lies she spreads for profit.

      Here is a feminist group much like Evelyn's work from Ottawa, in fact 1 of the editors on this report is Prof Holly Johnson. Johnson is considered a statistical expert by U of O and despite being an expert she can;t ensure what she signs off on is accurate.
      Can you guess what Johnson's other area of expertise is in?

      And then there is the attempts to shut down men's issues discussion groups on University campuses across Canada. Nothing like a little S 2 of the charter of rights and freedoms abuse from and by feminists. Shocking how a movement that claims to be all about equality are acting discriminatory towards a group.

      Ok now that you have been gutted via the written word you can go back with your white feather pinned to your chest and relay the diagnosis on feminism;
      Terminal due to lies.