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On February 16 of this year "The Globe and Mail" ran an article with the title "Security services deem environmental, animal-rights groups 'extremist' 
threats "[1]
Here's the opening two paragraphs to the article:

" Federal security services have identified Greenpeace and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals as the kind of “multi-issue extremist” groups that pose a threat to Canadians, documents obtained under Access to Information show.

In a series of documents from 2005 to 2009, the RCMP and CSIS assess “threats from terrorism and extremism” and report growing concerns about environmental and animal-rights groups, as well as militants from first nations." 

Is that where Canada's  federal police organization and our intelligence agency stops. Did they stop at classifying Greenpeace and P.E.T.A. and First Nations activists as extremists?
No they have not, in these days of post September hysteria virtually anyone can have a file opened on them for being an activist.

I am fairly sure I have had one opened up on me, for taking part in a protest outside a court house here in Ontario regarding an accused right to record proceedings.
A person's right to record proceedings in Ontario is found under S 136.2(b) of The Courts of Justice Act [2] It is current consolidated law, however in Ontario you will find that the justice system tends to have an aversion to the law. They seem to be afraid of people having the ability to mount a full answer and defence. A very plausible reason is that the justice system here has no interest in justice but are more interested in conviction rates.
This gives the appearance of justice but really is just putting on a show for the taxpayers. A political magician's illusion.
The man on trial was attempting to invoke his right to record proceedings but the court completely, and with malice for the rule of law, stomped all over that right.
I was there, I was on the protest line. I was holding signs urging people to honk for support.
There were other people there as well. People with nice suits and small funny looking badges. People who when asked to identify themselves would not.

Here is a video of one of them being confronted in a civil way pay close attention to the 50 second mark for a peek at the purdy lil badges these thugs wear:

There was a huge police presence there during the proceedings, persons entering the courts had to identify themselves and were subject to harassing searches and "wanding" by the local and imported thugs or is that police?
It was an experience that I thought I would never see on Canadian soil, but I did and did it ever disgust me.

This is why I say I am fairly sure the jack-boots erm I mean CSIS and the RCMP most likely have a file in my name, not to mention my own local keystone constabulary Hamilton Police Dis-Sevices.
I call each one of them jack-booted thugs for under S 45 of the Police Services Act they are required to take an oath to uphold the Charter of Rights and Freedoms

Here it is to save you the trouble of looking for it[3]
"Police officer, etc.
2.  The oath or affirmation of office to be taken by a police officer, special constable or First Nations Constable shall be in one of the following forms set out in the English or French version of this section:
I solemnly swear (affirm) that I will be loyal to Her Majesty the Queen and to Canada, and that I will uphold the Constitution of Canada and that I will, to the best of my ability, preserve the peace, prevent offences and discharge my other duties as (insert name of office) faithfully, impartially and according to law.
So help me God. (Omit this line in an affirmation.)
I solemnly swear (affirm) that I will be loyal to Canada, and that I will uphold the Constitution of Canada and that I will, to the best of my ability, preserve the peace, prevent offences and discharge my other duties as (insert name of office) faithfully, impartially and according to law.
So help me God. (Omit this line in an affirmation.)"

And here is the RCMP version [4] of it:


I, ............, solemnly swear that I will faithfully, diligently and impartially execute and perform the duties required of me as a member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, and will well and truly obey and perform all lawful orders and instructions that I receive as such, without fear, favour or affection of or toward any person. So help me God."

While the RCMP's version does not say they will uphold the Constitution of Canada it does say they will preform all lawful orders. According to the highest law in the land freedom of speech and of expression are protected by law, just not so much when you are exposing them for the jack-booted frauds they are paid to be.

So how does this fit into a men's rights activist frame work?

Well back in December of 2011 A Voice for Men ran an article called "We are all being watched"[5]
The article tells the story of a Canadian men's rights activist who was brought in for questioning in regards to his personal beliefs and life. The police questioning him were interested in whether or not he was violence prone and that an allegation had been made that MRM were stockpiling weapons.

I can not fathom how this allegation came to be other than that some delusional individual probably a feminist came to this conclusion.
 The crazed feminist must have been scorned and so did what most of ugly sisters do which is lodge a false complaint in order to have a man thrown in jail.

So we need to be careful guys, the feminists are getting scared, their lies are being exposed. IMHO they will not fight fair.
We must continue the fight by doing what we have done in the past. We need to keep exposing the lies without fear, we need to keep spreading the truth.
Everytime they tell their lies make a youtube vid, write a blog, open the topic up for discussion with people around you.
Just don't do nothing apathy has gotten us into this mess and only action will clean this mess up.

[1] http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/politics/security-services-deem-environmental-animal-rights-groups-extremist-threats/article2340162/?utm_medium=Feeds%3A%20RSS%2FAtom&utm_source=National&utm_content=2340162

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